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Thursday, January 26, 2017


The Ayahuasca brew has become widely known and popular in the last 25 years and is currently being used by hundreds of thousands of people not only in its natural habitat, the Amazonia, but also globally. The brew is also the subject of intense scientific research and testing worldwide for its capacity to help heal addictions, depression and much more. Its properties and benefits, both proven and alleged are well documented, and the internet proliferates with all kinds of information about this “magic wand” that transforms people and facilitate an open heart, inspiration, connection with the divine and so much more. But do the multitudes that rush to try it get a real, long term benefit from ingesting it? Or is it just a psychotropic induced experience like any other, a spectacular trip?
Ayahuasca possesses certain properties that no other psychotropic medicine drug or practice can emulate other than coincidentally, the most important of which are below:

1. Ayahuasca is largely dosage irrelevant. Every drug is affected by the physical, mental and emotional condition of the user, affecting the intensity of the experience by a large margin. But with all other drugs, if you take triple the dosage you will receive a stronger effect. With Ayahuasca you may drink a thimbleful and go to kingdom come or drink five cups and have zero effect. You may drink one day and have a huge effect and drink the same brew the next day and have no effect. Even within the same ceremony a word or a thought can take all the effect away or hit you with a huge tsunami wave. This is because Ayahuasca connects directly to our subconscious, so depending on our state of being, our thoughts, emotions and our intention surrounding the ceremony there is a subconscious reaction and decision; if our subconscious is resistant to the potential outcome of the ceremony it can either produce a crushingly strong experience which leaves us with no capacity to pursue anything, a weak or inexistent experience or constant physical distractions, back and limb pains, diarrhea, constant need to urinate, spasms, terror and infinite other inventive methods. When, however, we find ourselves psyched and determined our subconscious bows out or cooperates and the experience is magical; just perfect. With Ayahuasca, the actual chemical reaction is subservient to our subconscious.

2. Ayahuasca gives access to ALL of our memories. There are four kinds of memories that we cannot access at will:
a. All memories of events or feelings that occurred before our brains developed our archiving system; The age varies, but for most humans very few memories, if any survive before the age of five or six. Earlier memories are sporadic and exist mostly due to repetition and discussion by family or friends. We just do not possess a reliable filing and memory organization system to retain them, so they mostly go to a huge junk file.
b. All memories that we have taught and instructed ourselves to discard as junk; Things that are unimportant to us. Every waking moment, every second we are live recorders of everything. Video, sound, sensation, all are constantly recorded. On our daily 10 minute ride or walk we see and record every tree, every leaf, every face, absolutely everything yet retain the memory of a tiny percentage: that which calls our attention on the particular moment. Our minds constantly need to discard 99.9999% of information to ensure sufficient space available in our brains for processing.
c. All memories that we have actively hidden from ourselves due to trauma. Intense fear, emotional pain, guilt, shame, disgrace cause inside us a decision to never revisit a memory again, and these are the kind of memories that psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts look for. Slowly, through years of counselling they try to create an atmosphere of trust to allow these memories to be coaxed out and processed, hopefully healing or ameliorating the trauma.
d. All genetic memory of life since the beginning of the universe. The memory that allows us and every creature to know how to breathe, how to function. And the memories of everything before that. The quantity of genetic material on earth is finite. None of it gets destroyed, none escapes beyond the atmosphere and infinitesimal amounts get in. Genetic material is just constantly metamorphosing into new forms of life, which constantly feeds on and process itself. The big eat the small and the small eat everyone. It is an almost statistical certainty that every single human being has hosted cells from Jesus Christ and from most forms of life on our planet. The huge pool of engraved memory already present in us allows us to develop skills already mastered, such as breathing, digesting and walking.

Ayahuasca has the gift to allow access to all of them. Imagine our memory banks as a giant football field. On this field, dunes and clouds of trillions of moving yellow Post It papers; some hidden under mountains of other nondescript Post Its, many randomly positioned and others intricately disguised. When we take Ayahuasca, we fly through this football field in every direction and little sticky papers of memories attach themselves to us; Some of them stay for a while and then float off to be replaced by others. Some stay throughout and allow relevant papers to stick as well, some are too heavy to carry and discarded, some manage to stick no matter what. Whatever is left is the actual true impact of the ceremony. Sometimes we experience the Big Bang, life through the body of a worm, a jaguar, a rock or a blade of grass. Sometimes what sticks is the memory of a loving moment when we say that we were never loved; Sometimes a memory of another life, of childhood events, of feelings, sometimes the memory of a discussion with God, the divine, sometimes an amazing insight.

However, to make these often extravagant experiences into something more than an amazing trip and in order to get real answers to questions that are important for our happiness, our perceptions, our feelings and our direction, much more is needed beyond participating in a ceremony, exactly because anything that happens is subject to choices that are subconscious mind and not the conscious mind. This is why thousands of people ending up taking the brew again and again, mainly as a crutch, with few lasting benefits, little true and lasting change. People get to perceive and feel happiness, love, the divine, find inspiration and make sense of the world and then they need to drink again and again in order to retrieve this state of being. And this is in the rare cases where they do get something beyond an indescribable abstract feeling that has no relation to their everyday lives.

In TierraMitica, following over ten years of intensive research, we teach people how to navigate the Ayahuasca experience by using specifically focused intentions customized for the individual combined with practices designed after exhaustive research to help focus and to override reactions from the subconscious body in order to find specific memories and get answers to specific questions; to help people come to a face to face discussion with their subconscious, their alter ego in a vibration of cooperation instead of the usual, constant internal struggle. We give people a set of precise instructions on how to deal with the ceremony with full explanations for the benefits of each one before they go to ceremony, and each ceremony serves as training where participants can try firsthand how their bodies and minds react to the instructions and how their experience changes accordingly and help them go deeper and get more significant, concrete results with each ceremony. The ceremonies are performed guided by traditional shipibo maestras and maestros in full respect to the traditions, under the moon and the stars in our mosquito free jungle paradise, but we also include at least two or three experienced guides to assist during the ceremonies for those who choose to go very deep, providing full guidance, care and protection. And of course we help after the ceremony with “as long as it takes” sharing sessions where we help you make sense of the symbology of the visions and body experiences.

Navigating and controlling the direction of the Ayahuasca experience makes all the difference on whether one will achieve their objectives for taking the brew, and we provide clarity and an extensive methodology to use the Ayahuasca as a precise tool for healing and inspiration.

Friday, April 8, 2016


It seems like a paradox that we receive both the most moving and enthusiastic reviews and some of the most angry and vehement reviews. Most of the negative reviews about TierraMitica, the Mythic Voyage and Mikis personally come from people who have neither ever  been here nor participated in a Mythic Voyage, usually by people who want money back for changing their minds and not showing up. These are easy to discount, there is a contract people accept when they register and that governs how late they can change their mind and get a refund, and one can be as angry as they wish or blackmail us with bad publicity, we do what we and the terms deem right and good for TierraMitica and the participants. We used to not even require a down payment and found out that many people get cold feet and cancel, thus missing out on work we are proud to be offering, and many people agree with us by enthusiastically declaring that it changed their lives.
On some few occasions however, somebody that has actually been here and participated in a Mythic Voyage and has not managed to complete it, or on extremely rare occasions, somebody has finished it enthusiastically and changed their minds later, write a bad review. Why would people quit a workshop, and why would they be angry and hateful about it? The answers lie on the essence, techniques and purpose of the Mythic Voyage. What makes people quit, many times in anger?  And people do quit, sometimes up to fifty percent, sometimes as low as ten percent, but there has never been a Mythic Voyage where nobody has quit, and this is exactly as it should be. Why? Because if nobody quit, it would mean that we brainwash people, and the Mythic Voyage is about celebrating our divine gift of choice.
The Mythic Voyage is based on years of learning, experience and research that have proven- and we provide the proof during the course of the Voyage- that every single thought and emotion, every energy that passes through us, is due to a particular set of beliefs. Furthermore, our beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of and what we are incapable of, actually define who we are, same as our beliefs about the world around us define the way we experience the world.
Not only are our thoughts, emotions and energies directly connected with our beliefs, but every disagreeable thought and emotion is caused by a paradox; two or more contradictory realities, actions or beliefs that are mutually exclusive but are held in us at the same time. This phenomenon is called in psychiatry and psychology Cognitive Dissonance. If for example, you are hurt and angry at your father because he told you that you are and will always be a lazy loser, but at the same time you believe that some of the things he shouted at you are true, you are both a victim and guilty at the same time. Same thing happens to victims of sexual abuse by a member of the family where they are conflicted between being an abused  victim and suffering from recurring guilty and shameful thoughts such as “maybe I deserved because I was a bad child, maybe I provoked it by being a slut, maybe I was competing with my mother, maybe, maybe, maybe..” These unresolved internal paradoxes and conflicts of beliefs and perceptions cause the deepest psychological problems, depression, anger and misery. During the Mythic Voyage we help solve issues that years of psychotherapy, self-improvement techniques and alternative practices have not healed, because instead of trying to resolve trauma, we help people see their internal paradoxes and make choices and thus transcend trauma altogether. In order to achieve this, we use every useful technique and practice from the pool of human knowledge and civilization, from the shamanic to gestalt therapy, from the contemporary scientific to the ancient or indigenous. And of course, with the wisdom of the grandmother Ayahuasca that speaks from the truest depths of our hearts, but with specific techniques, so that we can navigate precisely the ceremony experience, in order to obtain insights and answers that can practically help us in our lives rather than a great hallucinogenic and heart opening experience that often leaves us with abstract rather than clear and applicable answers.
Why do people quit? Well, if you are a single mother with a five year old with no other responsible adults around and make your living off an illegal activity and risk that your child is raised by people who did not make that choice out of love, but cannot choose to change, if you are a depressed man drowning in obligation with a wife you no longer want to be with, in a job you hate and you are too afraid to consider the alternatives, if you find out that you have been a freeloading parasite that never wants to do anything considered work, if you are a victim by everyone in your life and it is always the other party´s fault why relationships never work, but are not willing to acknowledge your choices and your responsibility for what is happening in your life, then in the Voyage you will be confronted by unavoidable truths that you do not wish to hear. People quit, are angry and blame Mikis and the Mythic Voyage as part of a pattern of needing something to blame for everything: everything is somebody else´s fault, yet at the same time they live lives of self-hatred, shame, guilt and regret.
To achieve the spectacular results that so many people report in just ten days of the Mythic Voyage is necessarily a fast, deep, confrontational at times incision into our personal stories, and the techniques used ensure that nothing can remain hidden. We work in a group 12 hours a day and then have ceremonies on some nights and it is a hair raising emotional, perceptual and energetic rollercoaster; it is a true adventure into our internal worlds and the universe, and those who are determined to face the challenges emerge with open hearts, enthusiasm and vision for their lives, inspired and full of ideas and plans. We declare: it is not for the faint hearted, and any kind of work that pushes boundaries is bound to be controversial. We push boundaries all the time, and we are proud to be controversial. We help provide real life insights and solutions, not just an experience. As for people that enthusiastically complete a Mythic Voyage and become negative after a year or a few months,  if they did not follow the path that they personally chose for their lives and if they did not initiate the changes that they promised themselves they would, than the only solution is “sour grapes”: “It was all bullshit anyway!”
TierraMitica vows to do our best for any participant that trusts us and comes to  be helped by going as deep as possible, guiding them to explore and reexamine everything, by helping them break the habits of the body and the mind that keep them captive from a beautiful life of creativity, inspiration, vision and love. That means if nobody quits, we need to go deeper. This also means that we accept that the occasional hateful review is not only inevitable but also welcome, because it means we are doing our vocation and job to the best of our ability and we are not willing to sacrifice our work to please everybody. If one wants comfort, let them go to a psychotherapist or do some reiki; If one wants true change, not in ten years but right now, they must be able to take perceptually and emotionally the discomfort that everybody accepts on the physical level by any surgeon or dentist. Actually, pulling out harmful beliefs such as “I do not deserve anything”, “I am good at nothing”, “nobody truly loved me” or even “life is a burden and a struggle” sometimes is much more painful than pulling teeth. Should you blame the dentist if you stop the extraction of a rotten tooth mid way?

Watch this video! Find out more about what exactly The Mythic Voyage is! How can it transform your life? How can we guarantee results? Why depression is overtaking heart disease and soon to be the No1 killer in the world and WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT? 
Find out HERE!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Announcing the first ever Mythic Voyage without the use of Ayahuasca in a beautiful lodge in the mountains and lakes of British Columbia, Canada!!

TierraMitica is considering the possibility of holding a 10 day Mythic Voyage, the world´s most intensive, heavy duty, deep and fully transformational holistic Ayahuasca retreat WITHOUT Ayahuasca or any other psychotropic, during the last half of July 2016. If we have enough participants, the workshop will take place in a beautiful mountain lodge or chalet in BC, so that we can have the same beautiful nature vibe and the cocoon of love, safety, great care and great food that Argonauts of the Mythic Voyage enjoy in TierraMitica, our jungle paradise, but in a different, equally spectacular setting. The workshop will involve similar full day group work and exploration of everything as the Mythic Voyage, guided meditations and the transmission of the Ayahuasca energy without the potion. Mikis and a select group of experienced TierraMitican guides will employ every technique from around the world that effectively serves the purpose of setting people on the path of creating inspiring, happy, loving lives, finding direction, opening of the hearts and much, much more. 
Transformation will be guaranteed to those who complete the full ten days of the super intensive workshop, an emotional and perceptual rollercoaster that will pass from every nook and cranny of our individual and collective psyche. Tentatively, we can say that most probable dates are 23 July to 2 August 2016, and the most probable cost is 2500 USD, including accommodation, food and basically everything. The cost is higher than the equivalent cost in the jungle, but it would take place in a luxury lodge during full season in one of the most beautiful mountain and lake sceneries in the world in a high cost country. The workshop will only take place if there is enough participation, so please if you are interested, contact us and declare so asap. It will be an opportunity for people to experience the transformational work of the Mythic Voyage, this time depending on no boosters, rather trust in the beauty of human nature and intention.

To find out more about the Mythic Voyage you can contact us directly at info@tierramitica.com or visit http://www.tierramitica.com.

Mikis's first book - A Mythic Voyage is now available in print! To order a copy CLICK HERE or you can get the Kindle version HERE

Saturday, October 17, 2015

TierraMitica reveals our vision for La Astronave 
& The Mythic Party II!

We now have a full line up of 21 amazing visionary artists from around the world to participate in The Mythic Party II celebrations next January! 16 of them will be bringing to life The Myth of the Goddess Ayahuasca on the walls of our new gallery (La Astronave) by painting the story on individual storyboards each in their own style but united together for the creation of this inspirational monument. 

Emily Kell from America will be painting the entry wall to La Astronve and we have 4 other artists whom have joined the bill to paint murals in & around TierraMitica over the 5 days. 

This is going to be a visionary feast & we could not be more excited to unite all these amazing artists & celebrate with! Find out more about The Mythic Party II at www.tierramitica.com

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ayahuasca FAQ - All the frequently asked questions about Ayahuasca, how it works and the magic it offers.

TierraMitica has a new website answering the most frequently asked questions about Ayahuasca to help people understand more about this medicine plant & what it can offer. People can submit their questions about ceremonies, shamans, the medicine & anything Ayahuasca related to this new site & we will be answering them in a clear & understandable manner.  These are the first 5 video answers from our site & we have many more!

CLICK HERE to visit ayahuascafaq.com & find more answers to the most frequently asked questions about Ayahuasca including answers to questions you never thought to ask.

Ayahuasca FAQ 1: Does taking Ayahuasca always guarantee a healing on some level? 

Ayahuasca FAQ 2: What makes Ayahuasca different from other psychotropics?

Ayahuasca FAQ 3: What is the right and safe way to drink Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca FAQ 4: How can Ayahuasca give access to our memories

Ayahuasca FAQ 5: Is Ayahuasca dangerous

Subscribe HERE to our youtube channel if you would like to see more videos from TierraMitica & visit www.ayahuascafaq.com to find or submit any questions you want answered. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

New additions, new friends & new toys!

It is the dawning of a new era here in TierraMitica with many new additions & fun things happening around us & plenty of excitement for the future of our jungle family & paradise. 

We sadly said goodbye to Shreck who was the first car of TierraMitica in April of 2012.  Our trusted Mitsubishi Montero 4WD who carried many materials, supplies, argonauts & passengers through the "Titty Shaker" (our incredibly challenging dirt road) during his reign. The death of this noble beast has made room for "Casper" who is a class act & smoother drive. 

Casper was found by "Javier" a local Peruvian who has joined our team recently for his epic driving skills. Javier can handle the "Titty Shaker" in even the most un-passable of conditions, which has proved perfect timing during the end of an incredibly wet rainy season & a completely destroyed & muddy road. Thank you Javier! 

The June Mythic Voyage was quite the adventure for everyone involved, we had 4 people quit & gained 3 new volunteers to stay on & participate in our Work Exchange Program. TierraMitica welcomes Tomas, Simon & Richard! We are all very happy to have new energy & fresh faces around to create art & have fun with as we all evolve, grow & learn here together. We look forward to sharing the next three months with you guys & who knows what will the future brings!

It had been a conversation topic in TierraMitica for quite some time that the next furry addition to our family would be a black kitten named "Choice".  On a recent trip to Tarapoto Koala, Sara & Ferd had quite the adventure when walking down the street they encountered an incredibly skinny, small & hungry Kitten who screamed for them & answered to the name "Choice". Falling in love with him immediately it became quite the situation. The three of them were due to hop on a 10 hour bus ride overnight to Mancora to renew their visas.  After many phone calls & deliberations Javier finally saved the day & our cute little friend made it to his new jungle paradise. Now a lot fatter & incredibly cheeky "Choice" is the happiest little guy around. "Pasha" & "Luna" our other 2 felines are still not at all impressed with their new living situation but the rest of us could not be happier with how things have turned out. 

So much going on & plenty more than I have mentioned, it's like a whirlwind of constant evolution in TierraMitica. We continue to grow, be inspired & create more of what we wish to have in our lives. Family, love, art, beauty & happiness. What more could you ask for!?? OH YEAH!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A mythic Ayahuasca ceremony about Trust (excerpt from the book “A Mythic Voyage”, lightly edited for profanity)
In another Ayahuasca ceremony, a few years later, I went to the Grandmother with an intention to find out what is trust. By then I had moved to leading ceremonies myself during the Mythic Voyages, and it was the last night of the sixth Voyage. The Mythic Voyage at that time was a weeklong Ayahuasca retreat, a cruise on the Amazon River and its tributaries on a large riverboat with about twenty participants and eight to ten Shipibo Curanderos. We would cruise all day, watching the scenery of the jungle pass by and every night we would find a nice spot, tie the boat by the riverbanks and clear up a ceremony circle in the undergrowth inside the jungle. We held all Ayahuasca ceremonies under the stars, weather permitting. When each ceremony ended, we would get back on the boat and cast off. 
The boat would keep travelling while we slept (or not, depending on the intensity of the ceremony) and we would wake up in a different place, having symbolically left all the bad energies behind us and moved on. I would then spend the whole day in consultations with the participants to help them untangle their experience of the previous night and focus their intention for the night ahead.
By then, trust had become the cornerstone of my philosophy. I had learned the value of trusting myself, trusting the process, the Grandmother and the perfection of the divine and all that is. Fully knowing and understanding the value and importance of something does not necessarily make it easy to embrace, live and embody. If it were, we would all take care of our health; have no addictions, no bad relationships that keep going well after they have outlived any beauty that was there, and we would live lives that serve us. Alas, knowing what is good for us does not automatically mean that we actually do it. 
With Ayahuasca, but also with every other spiritual or intellectual pursuit, finding the right questions is more important than the actual answers. A big part of my work on the Voyage was, by then, helping people phrase their question in a precise way so that they could get a meaningful answer. It is virtually impossible for a person to form on their own and ask the right question, the question that will give them a significant insight for their lives, because our subconscious does not allow a question that may touch a pain, an ache or a fear.  
For example, if a person asks: “Grandmother, will I find my soul mate so that I can have the relationship that I yearn for” they will never get a significant answer. Either they will have confusing visions or they will suffer. Ayahuasca is not a fortuneteller. She is a bridge of communication between our conscious and subconscious minds, and since our subconscious minds are in constant communication with the universe and all other beings, a bridge of communication with absolutely everything. She gives access to every memory stored inside us and can give us amazing insights, but she does not determine our future and our lives. Nor does the universe, god, or anything else. We determine everything ourselves through our choices, and this is her main teaching. 
In this example, there are many other important questions that need to be answered, like “What do I really want in a soul mate” and “Who should I be to attract the kind of person I want”. Our universal tendency to be victims, to be powerless, to avoid at all costs to take responsibility for our lives, to expect something outside ourselves to happen so that we can be happy is the main culprit that ensures that we are incapable, on most cases, to ask the right questions.
The issue is not finding the answers to our questions, the issue is to find the right questions to ask. It is the most focused and precise question that provides the insights, and if we had the capability to find the right questions on our own, we would automatically know the answers, because they are obvious to our heart and our soul. Since I did not always have someone around to help me focus my intention correctly and actually to overcome my natural resistance to asking the right questions, I had a method: I would form my intention with the first word that would pop into my mind and I would trust that there is something to learn there. That particular night, the word was “trust”. I was genuinely surprised, because I had been dealing and meditating about trust for a long time. I knew trust was important, I knew what it was, so why would I ask the Grandmother “what is trust”, when I was sure I already knew?
Nonetheless, I trusted the system, so “trust” it was going to be. Since I was responsible to serve and guide the participants during the ceremony, I only worked on my intention when everything was quiet, when nobody needed anything. On that particular night of ceremony, there was something new, something never done before. 
During that afternoon’s consultations, I had asked Alex, one of the participants (we called them “Argonauts” from Greek mythology in symbolic tribute to the mythic aspect of the voyage) if he wanted to assist during the night. I do not know why I did that, it is a great risk to allow an untrained person to “work the circle or floor” as we called it, and I had never even considered something like that before. People are very susceptible and vulnerable under Ayahuasca, one wrong word or energy can set them off into panic or confusion. Nevertheless, I trusted that if that is what came to me, it was the right thing to do.
We usually worked the floor with Benjamin, my right hand man during all Mythic Voyages up to then, and we would usually each have a chance to spend some time lying down and experiencing the connection with the medicine when things were quiet, knowing that the other would call if needed. We had done this already many times and we knew we could rely on each other. Benjamin was very solid when doing this work, a very loving and positive guide and everybody loved him and trusted him, but sometimes (very rarely) he would have a bad night where the medicine would take him to a very dark place and he could lose it.
Minutes after the medicine hit us that night, I was lying down as I usually do in the beginning of ceremonies, and Benji came to me and said that he was scared, he was feeling his demon, and he was feeling that he was going to that place of insanity that he had not as yet managed to resolve. I got up and told him to lie down, and took over the responsibility of the ceremony. Now I had no assistant but Alex! Like every other time that I had trusted blindly and had made an intuitive decision without needing any reason for it, other than the trust that if it had come to me, it was the right thing to do, trusting that I do not need to know the why, I felt a deep connection with the Grandmother. The world was adapting to my decision and providing the reasons, miraculously obvious and logical both emotionally and mentally after the fact- pure magic!
Alex was a remarkable character; an English software sales representative that had left his job, wife and children to go to Afghanistan for a year and fight with the British forces there. He had come to the Mythic Voyage to find equilibrium before returning to his family and everyday life after a year of war and danger. He was very handsome with an infectious smile, he was lean and strong, but somehow he approached everything with power, discipline and bravado, but not with heart. Maybe the circle would be a place for him to open his heart and relieve himself of his impeccable uniform of masculine strength and discipline.
After a while, I invited Alex to get up off his mattress, showed him how to go around and check that people were well, gave him some instructions as to how to deal with people that were agitated, turned the circle over to him and lied down on my mattress. My intention was to give the appearance that he was responsible for the circle, but to secretly remain very aware of everything happening, so that I could intervene if needed. 
The Mythic Voyage ceremonies were by then already different from more common Ayahuasca ceremonies in many ways. The method was developed out of the experiences of the voyages themselves; we suggested to people that they do not move their bodies during the ceremonies, to go out of the body, to allow no distractions and to be continuously focused on their intention for the night. Ayahuasca brings an overwhelming avalanche of information, both mental and emotional. Although people usually feel that they have had an enlightening experience full of insights, translating these insights and feelings into anything useful in their lives is often elusive. In addition, whenever people go to a particularly sensitive place, they distract themselves by screaming, going to the body, crying, jumping about and generally trying to go as far away from anything potentially life changing or perception changing happening inside them as possible. 
The reigning philosophy at the time around Ayahuasca ceremonies was to let people express themselves freely; shout, move, dance, interact, sing, weep. We had found that to be hugely counterproductive for transformative work, and it was part of our job to softly remind people to “go inside” whenever they were agitated. Their agitation showed them their own resistance to a revelation and an understanding that they were afraid to touch, that was essential to achieving their intention. Since everything we do is meant to serve the Argonauts in their intention, to support their choice, the manner of intervention had to be delicate or insistent depending on the person’s idiosyncrasy; the intention was to guide, assist and serve, not to tell people what to do.
I lied down and closed my eyes, but I was aware of everything that was happening in the ceremony circle; I was very fanatic about my responsibility towards the Argonauts, and my senses were honed to detect anything untoward, so that I could intervene instantly. I wanted to gift Alex the feeling of the floor, the overwhelming love that bathed us during the nights, when we would see and feel wonderful people struggling bravely against their biggest fears, but more as a taste to help him open up rather than the burden of any real responsibility.
And then, I thought of my intention; “what is trust?” and as I started asking the Grandmother, I started sinking deeper and deeper into the effect of the medicine. I started resisting, so that I could keep my consciousness on the floor, but I heard the voice of the Grandmother telling me to trust, and I chose to let go of any resistance, sinking instantly deep inside. I totally abandoned reality; I consciously relinquished any responsibility for anyone and anything to Alex. I decided to trust absolutely the magic of what had happened; my decision to put Alex on the floor, Benjamin’s inability to assist on that particular night, the intention that appeared in my mind for the night; to trust everything. 
An enormous feeling of peace came over me. All my being was relieved of every possible responsibility; there was nothing I needed to do, know or worry about; I was in total peace. The answer to my question was all around me, engulfing me: TRUST IS PEACE- to trust is to be in peace, to trust absolutely is to be in absolute peace. My whole body, my soul was feeling a level of peace and happiness I had never experienced before; I trusted the Grandmother, I trusted myself, I trusted Alex, I trusted the universe, I trusted the divine, my thoughts, my actions, what was happening in the world, in the ceremony. I trusted everything without a second thought. And Alex was magnificent. And the ceremony was a holy night when many people healed and connected with their truths.
A new stage began for me, and a new, exciting part of my search. I started logically analyzing these concepts, and amazing insights started appearing, both logical, intuitive and mathematical.
The Grandmother had given me one more precious gift. Trust is not just a belief, it is a choice. It is a choice independent of data, proof, probabilities or consequences. Trust doesn’t play the odds; it is just a choice, same as faith. A choice that brings peace, nirvana. And trust, peace is integral to happiness.
Happiness, which is different things to different people in so many ways, always includes the feeling, the certainty and the serenity that all is as it should be. The trust that everything is, perfectly, deliciously as it should be. The feeling is so engulfing and overwhelming that doubt is not an issue. When we are in moments of happiness we KNOW that everything is, after all, just delightfully perfect in every possible way. When we are happy, no argument will sway us, because this perfection of everything that is and everything that happens is just obvious, intuitive and true in every cell of our bodies. There is nothing to discuss. A man or woman fully in love and crazy of happiness for the reciprocation will hear no argument to the fact that the world is perfect, because, well, it has our loved one in it. And he/she loves me back! It is obvious, irrefutable and unassailable.
What happens in moments of happiness, however they come about, is that, for a short time at least, we recover our demolished trust in the wisdom and perfection of the Universe in everything that it is or that it causes. Trust that things, after all, are just as they should be is not a symptom or a consequence of happiness. It is inextricably connected with it. One cannot exist without the other. 
In the same way that our emotions alter our chemistry, dumping hormones and other substances into our bloodstreams, our chemistry affects our emotions. A tiny pill, adolescence or menstruation can do amazing things to our thoughts and emotions, as do drugs and alcohol. One cannot exist without the other. It is the old sophism of who made what first: the chicken or the egg? They coexist and are absolutely dependent on each other. They breathe the same breath.
What is Trust? Helen trusts David because he always comes directly back from work, his hours are always accounted for, he is a nerd workaholic that was never popular with women and has an infinitesimal sex drive. Is that trust? It rather sounds like a belief enjoying crushingly high statistical probability to be true according to all data so far. There is neither choice nor passion behind this sensitive, conditional, fragile ‘trust’. 

Where does all that “trust” go, if something changes, if “legitimate” suspicion creeps in? Trust is when Mary hears they saw John embracing a blonde and thinks instantly “oh how good, finally he got to see his cousin Jane”. Trust is when Jennifer sees Paul speaking secretively on the phone and lying about it and she thinks “how sweet, he is preparing a surprise for me!”. Trust is knowing, not believing.
Trust is to go beyond believing something. It is to consider something as obvious, irrefutable and unassailable. Trust is to choose to not allow any room for a different perception, to listen to no argument, no other possibility. Trust is to KNOW, not because of the evidence, but because we just consciously choose to. Trust is a choice as absolute as faith, something independent of circumstances, of conditions or counter indications. 
Trust has nothing to do with whether something or someone is trustworthy or not, it is just a choice. 
Why then do we have such trouble trusting? Trusting ourselves, trusting each other, trusting the divine, trusting the Universe? Maybe it serves us in some way; after all, we need to protect ourselves. Since childhood we are advised and tutored to mistrust, to be suspicious, to expect the worst of people in order to survive in our dog eat dog realities.
I tried to do a little accounting, like a business plan to assess the viability and potential profits and liabilities to see if trusting is a good decision. I had done many business plans before, and I was good at it; the results, regardless of the theoretical case study, were astounding way beyond the puzzling scent of darkness and rot that I was hounding; It was INSANITY.

The accounting of trust- simple math to help us figure it out: 
If the theoretical couple Paula and John choose to trust one other, two possibilities exist: Maybe they are justified in their trust in which case they don’t have to suffer or worry unnecessarily. They save themselves from experiencing jealousy, insecurity, anger, pain, disappointment and they save their loved ones from being the recipients of these not so loving energies. 
Let us suppose, now, that Paula and John are “wrong” to trust one another. Let us suppose one or both of them are untrustworthy, in this case either having an affair or contemplating it. Again, there are two possibilities. Let us say it is John who is untrustworthy. Perhaps he no longer wants Paula, is in love with another person, he is sick of her, whatever, and he plans to leave her as soon as he builds up the courage to do it. In this case, nothing  can be done, all is lost and no amount of detective work, suspicion and accusations will change that. His untrustworthiness is “final”* for the relationship. For Paula, since she wants to be with John this is the worst possible nightmare; she is fucked!
Perhaps, however, John is going through a midlife crisis, maybe he was tempted by a transitory adventure, maybe he doesn’t feel wanted, loved and desired any more, maybe he wants to be sure that he has made the right choice in Paula. His untrustworthiness can be described as “non-final”** for the relationship, anything is possible, but he is in no way thinking of leaving his wife and family.
In this case, what would be more likely to bring him back, if she really wants him? Love and trust that would shame him and make him think full of gratitude of what a gem he has, or suspicion, mistrust, accusations, coldness and anger? Take a guess! If we allocate a 50% to each possibility, just for the sake of the argument since we are talking about random, statistically diverse people, what do we see? 
The balance sheet of trust versus mistrust:

So, if you trust you face a 50% probability of doing great, a 25% probability of it being more likely to do great and a 25% possibility to be in disaster, but with a little less suffering. If you don’t trust, you face a 75% probability of being in disaster and a 25% probability where it is more likely to be in trouble just by the fact that you didn’t trust and behaved like a bitch. 
Try this yourself with any issue; business, relationships, commerce, government, art. You will find out that trust always pays better than mistrust, a minimum of 75% vs. 25%. Any casino, any gambler would love to play with these odds. Why don’t we?
Are we then so demented that we choose mistrust against trust for the crushing majority of people and occasions? Trust is so rare and mistrust so common. Absolute trust seems like an almost superhuman feat, such that we stand in awe when we see a person exhibiting it. It is the stuff of fairy tales and movies. Are we so demented, so idiotic, that we choose mistrust over trust over and over again? Why would we make a choice with 75% probability of definite disaster and 25% of likely disaster, and not one with 75% probability of success and 25% probability of, at worst, similar outcome to the non-trusting option? Why would we be drawn to choices that do not serve us? Are we crazy, misguided, idiots or blind?
Apparently, yes. But is dementia the only reason why? The answer is as simple as it is obvious. We mistrust mainly because we have been taught and teach our children in turn a belief system that has created programming inside us that automatically denies us the option of trust. Because all primary and universal human beliefs point to the perception that everything we are is wrong by definition, since we and all creation are not as we should be, if we cannot trust the choices of the divine that has made this universe, how can we trust anything?
Trust is a muscle. Like all muscles it grows more powerful with exercise. But our trust muscle as human beings has been shunned, imprisoned by our common beliefs, forced to starve and atrophy. After all, according to every organized religion or philosophy, any existing world view, except maybe paganism, human beings are sinful, selfish, untrustworthy, egotistical, inherently insane. Condemned by the original Sin we have been born with and by our insane insatiable Egos. Our inherent dysfunction, recognized by all, as Eckhart Tolle explains. How can we trust anyone, let alone ourselves since our greatest philosophical leaders declare that we are somehow in the image of the divine but twisted, distorted, dirty and definitely unworthy. We need to die and go to heaven, to be reborn eternally to correct our errors and to learn, we are to be judged eternally and condemned until we somehow graduate to be moral, unselfish, enlightened, without bodies or form, without the self, angels or spirits.
If we trusted absolutely, we would be happy, we would trust that everything is exactly as it should be, and that is unthinkable, because we would not concur with everybody else’s belief system. We would then inevitably act in ways that would make us be singled out, accused, condemned, disapproved of and we would have to face our biggest fear: Of being alone. Of being unwanted, unapproved, unaccepted. Cruelly ostracized. Alone.
Alone. Humanity’s hell on Earth. But why do we fear this so much, why is this stick so effective and horrendous that we would be willing to forgo the carrot of happiness? What makes it so horrible? Furthermore, why have we created these universally accepted beliefs that we, the way we are and all creation are wrong and need fixing, disguising or hiding? The answer lies in two intertwined concepts: The concept of belief and the concept of truth. Another chicken and egg situation.
The prerequisite for peace, for happiness is trust. Can we get ourselves out of this vicious circle and actually be naturally inclined to trust instead of mistrust and to happiness instead of misery and anxiety?
Why the fuck not? If we wish to be happy, we must be powerful so that we are not afraid. To have infinite power, so that we are afraid of nothing, it must be obvious that we must have the power to be happy. We are able to do anything we want by definition. The moment, through months or years of practice that one has managed to install the appropriate belief system, the belief system of happiness, choice, love and power, the universe magically adjusts and confirms it.

The filtering lens that dictates that by definition everything is exactly as it should be, allows a whole magical world of clarity and perfection to emerge, and when properly and permanently implanted on the retina of our being, vibrates with divinity; this magical world is not only one where we permanently live, but at the same time is the most perfect beautiful reality we can dare to imagine.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The April Mythic Voyage

Wow, what an adventure! Thank you TierraMitica for an amazingly mind-blowing Mythic Voyage. On day-one ten "Argonauts" arrived as a strangers, each displaying mixed expressions of excitement, anxiety, confidence, trepidation and bewilderment in anticipation of what was promised to be a truly cinematic experience. Mikis promised an experience beyond our wildest imagination - and my lord did he deliver! Despite mixed feelings from the onset, the eight that made it throughout all showed unwavering perseverance and courage throughout what proved to be a challenging transformational workshop.

Those who made it to the end shared a heart-felt roller coaster ride of all conceivable emotion. Together we shared our stories of abuse, neglect, betrayal, abandonment and defeat. Through four intense ayahuasca ceremonies we shattered the chains of guilt, shame, self doubt and self loathing which had been holding us back, binding us to the lives we each decided to leave behind. The intentions given by Mikis to each argonaut ensured remarkable revelations and insights in each ceremony.  Each ceremony took all of us deeper and deeper into our subconscious taking us closer to the source of our traumas and blockages and the Shipibo Maestras and Maestro liberated us from our fears and negative energies with their beautiful and powerful icaros.

Throughout the Mythic Voyage we were all shown the path to a beautiful mythical life and each cultivated newfound feelings of love, joy, pride and passion which is now the new way of life for each of us. Each argonaut left with a clear roadmap to navigate their new mythical lives and everybody left excited and proud, reunited with their unlimited potential. Despite arriving on day one as strangers, by the last day we left as one, a tight knit family.

This was my first Mythic Voyage and it fills me with tremendous pride to have been part of such a spectacular journey with such amazing people. While I have been welcomed to the TierraMitica family as a volunteer, I am truly inspired to hear stories of my fellow Argonauts who are already making big changes to their lives back home after only a few days. .

Brandy, Dustin, Erin, Gabrielle, Jim, Mike and Vered. Thank you. My heart goes out to each of you and I look forward to seeing your mythical dreams become your reality.